There is something that a lot of Vancouverites share in common; we moved here from somewhere else.  After experiencing the beauty of this magnificent place, how could anyone leave?  I arrived for a visit in 1995 and couldn't go home after experiencing the spectacular views, mild winters and a bustling city.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked in customer focused sales positions; most recently as a sales agent for a large multinational.  My focus was to create lasting relationships with clients to help them achieve their long term goals.  The current corporate climate became too focused on the company rather than the client.  This shift lead me to make a change so that I could continue to focus on the client first by sharing their real estate journey's with them.

Honesty, trust and integrity are the pillars to my business; these are the cornerstone to any strong relationship.  Wouldn't you agree?

Put my knowledge and passion to work for you!